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[Report] No Wonderland for Workers: Investigative Report on Labour Conditions at Disney’s Supplier Factories in China[報告]  樂園背後 工人哀歌:迪士尼供應商勞工狀況調查[报告] 乐园背后 工人哀歌:迪斯尼供应商劳工状况调查

Since our founding in 2005, Students and Scholars against Corporate Misbehaviour (SACOM) has been concerned about the labour conditions of Disney’s supplier factories in China. Our [...]

[Job Vacancies] Project Officer and Communications & Media Officer

Students & Scholars Against Corporate Misbehaviour (SACOM) as an NGO aims at bringing concerned students, scholars, labour activists, and consumers together to monitor corporate [...]

[Report] [Revised Edition 2016] Unveiling The Labour Rights Violations — The Second Investigative Report on UNIQLO’s Suppliers in China[報告]  [2016修訂版]侵犯勞動權益,揭其血色面紗--優衣庫中國製造廠商勞工調查報告之二[报告] [2016修订版]侵犯劳动权益,揭其血色面纱--优衣库中国制造厂商劳工调查报告之二

The UNIQLO campaign aims at unveiling the poor labour conditions in China under the global fast fashion supply chain. It aspires to raise public awareness on the labour issues behind [...]

[Report] Throw Away the Bad Apple – Investigation of Lens Technology[報告] 不要毒「屏」果 還我乾淨手機──藍思科技調查報告[报告] 不要毒「屏」果 还我乾净手机──蓝思科技调查报告

SACOM has started Apple campaign since 2010. Over the years, mobile gadgets have dominated our daily lives. SACOM believes that humanity could go hand in hand with technology innovation. [...]

UNIQLO and Labour Rights: In response to the Fast Retailing CSR Action – Six months after our fact-finding report on harsh working conditions within UNIQLO’s Chinese suppliers優衣庫與工人權利:對迅銷集團社會責任報告的回應——優衣庫中國供應商惡劣用工條件實況調查報告發佈六個月後优衣库与工人权利:对迅销集团社会责任报告的回应——优衣库中国供应商恶劣用工条件实况调查报告发布六个月後

August 21st, 2015
Students & Scholars Against Corporate Misbehaviour
Human Rights Now
abour Action China

In January 2015, Students & Scholars Against [...]

OPEN LETTER TO UNIQLO: Respect labour rights Cut & Run cannot help the workers!致品牌UNIQLO (優衣庫)的公開信:  尊重勞動權益 中止合作不能保障工人!致品牌UNIQLO (优衣库)的公开信:  尊重劳动权益 中止合作不能保障工人!


26th June, 2015

Respect labour rights

Cut & Run cannot help the [...]

Statement:  Low wages, long hours, fake union!  Decent working conditions to Foxconn workers immediately![聲明]低工資長工時假工會 要求鴻海立即改善工人待遇[声明]低工资长工时假工会 要求鸿海立即改善工人待遇

28 May 2015, Hong Kong

Today (28 May 2015), Students & Scholars Against Corporate Misbehaviour, together with other local labour rights concern groups [...]

[Joint Statement] Go Beyond a Short-term Improvement in UNIQLO’s suppliers [聯合聲明] 促請UNIQLO(優衣庫) 持續改善監察供應商勞動條件的制度[联合声明] 促请UNIQLO(优衣库) 持续改善监察供应商劳动条件的制度

11 February 2015

[Joint Statement] Go Beyond a Short-term Improvement in UNIQLO’s suppliers 

Students & Scholars Against Corporate [...]

[Statement] Clean Clothes from UNIQLO now! UNIQLO should improve the working conditions of the suppliers in China immediately! [聲明] 要求UNIQLO (優衣庫)立即改善中國供應商用工條件、還我們乾淨衣服![声明] 要求UNIQLO (优衣库)立即改善中国供应商用工条件丶还我们乾净衣服!

[Statement] Clean Clothes from UNIQLO now! UNIQLO should improve the working conditions of the suppliers in China immediately! 

Today, we are at the UNIQLO store in [...]

[Statement] iSlave 6 : Harsher than Harsher! Still Made in Sweatshops![聲明] 更大了,還是血汗生產![声明] 更大了,还是血汗生产!

[Statement] iSlave 6 : Harsher than Harsher! Still Made in Sweatshops!

19th September, 2014, Hong Kong

Today (19th September) is the official launch day of [...]

[Statement/Petition] Demand all denim brands to stop sandblasting![聲明/聯署信] 我們要求所有牛仔服飾品牌立即禁止噴砂工序![声明/联署信] 我们要求所有牛仔服饰品牌立即禁止喷砂工序!

9 July 2013, Hong Kong

Guangdong province in China is home of approximately half of the world’s denim production supplying garment for popular high street brands like Lee, [...]

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Nine Dragons Paper – Sweatshop Paper

Nine Dragons Papers (Holdings) Limited was listed in Hong Kong in 2006, with a peak market value of nearly 100 billion HK dollars. The company is engaged in the manufacturing of packing paper. Its products include cardboards, high-strength corrugated core paper and white coated paperboards. It also produces natural colour wood pulp. Nine Dragons Paper has two production facilities in mainland China, one in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province and the other in Taicang City, Jiangsu Province, employing 9,000 and 6,000 workers respectively. The company is building its third and fourth production bases in Chongqing and Tianjin. Nine Dragons Paper is so far the biggest papermaker in China, the second in Asia and the eighth in the world in paper manufacturing. In [...]

Conscience Consumption & SACOM’s Disney Project

Disneyland Hong Kong opened on September 12th, 2005 and drew many tourists from Hong Kong, mainland China, and Asia. The Hong Kong government projects that Disneyland HK will generate a profit of HK$148 billion in the coming 40 years. It expects that 30,000 people will visit Disneyland HK everyday and projects that each of them may spend an average of HK$680. This amount implies the notion that Disneyland Hong Kong’s source of profit is not confined to the sale of tickets amounting to around HK$200 to $300 per person, but in fact relies heavily on the sale of consumer products such as toys, clothes, figurines, stationeries and other accessories.

Sacom And Wal-Mart Watch Joint Statement: On Release Of Wal-Mart 2006 Ethical Sourcing



Wal-Mart Watch executive director David Nassar today released the following statement in response to Wal-Mart’s 2006 Ethical Sourcing Report:

“Wal-Mart’s Report on Ethical Sourcing is an attempt to avoid responsibility for the problems the company itself has created.

“In recent years, in factory after factory that supplies goods for Wal-Mart, widespread cases of blatant illegal and unethical labor abuses have been uncovered. Today, we are releasing another report produced by Students and Scholars against Corporate Misbehavior (SACOM) that shows serious labor violations in toy factories in China ranging from [...]

Labour Conditions of Giordano: an Overview

The phrase, “a world without strangers”, implies a world where neither nationalities, class, ethnicity nor gender divide people. It is a utopia that everyone wishes for. For Giordano, this widely held ideal is one of the primary ideas behind its marketing image. The phrase is meant to be consistent with the simplicity and modesty of Giordano clothing and also gives people a sense of familiarity. The phrase is familiar with Hong Kong shoppers, and its popularity contributed to the quick rise and development of the Giordano name. The publicly traded firm, Giordano, is a model of a successful, domestic Hong Kong clothing line.
However, it turns out that this ideal of “a world without strangers” is merely a marketing strategy, and in [...]

Newsletter – Industry’s reactions to ‘High Tech – No Rights?’ disappoint so far (Good Electronics)

June, Bread for All, SACOM

The one year follow up report on working conditions in China’s electronic hardware sector by SACOM and Bread for All has not yet yielded substantial responses from the industry. The Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI) has submitted a response, which however fails to deal with the main question, that is the gap between paper policies and implementation on the ground. The Electronics Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) has not yet given a reaction. Dell has promised to undertake a study on the three surveyed Lite-On Facilities in China, to be released within 90 days after the publication of the report, which means by August 2008. Other companies whose suppliers were surveyed have not given any feedback, despite being [...]